KS Websites, Pages, and Blogs

More Links will be added shortly – to begin:

(if you would like to suggest a link or notice that some information needs updating, please let us know! )

((just an apolitical listing of KS-related pages – to be organized alphabetically and/or thematically at some point :))


Lisa Renee’s Energetic Synthesishttps://www.energeticsynthesis.com

Sequoia Arayas’s Awakening Starhttps://awakeningstar.wixsite.com/pwck

Rakesh’s  Emerald Guardians, http://www.emeraldguardians.nl.eu.org

Ian Parks and Joshua Hale’s KS Timeline Projecthttp://kstimelineproject.com

Aug Tellez’s Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling, https://augtellez.wordpress.com

Leeda Safa’s The Rabbit Hole Transmissionshttp://www.therabbitholetransmissions.com

Theresa Talea’s Rediscovery Presshttp://www.rediscoverypress.com

Otto Jakobson’s Ascension Sciences from Godmindhttp://godmindhyperspace.weebly.com

Pat Barkman’s My Voice, http://www.krysthl.org

The Cosmic Dolphin, https://thecosmicdolphin.wordpress.com

Ash Grimshaw’s Zetetic Zenhttps://zeteticzen.wordpress.com

The Amenti Project, http://amentiproject.net/amentihome.htm

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah’ Alignment in Spirithttp://alignmentinspirit.com

Rose Tobin’s Life of Integrity Blog, and http://rosetobin.com/




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