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Indigos (Secret Group)

DESCRIPTION: Indigos is a private Facebook discussion group for students of Keylontic Morphogenetic Science, the MCEO Freedom Teachings®, and of Tan-Tri-AhUra – The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry® who wish to further explore and integrate this growing body of material in a respectful, supportive environment. We wish to promote co-creative learning and healing in each of our unique spiritual journeys. We are interested in hosting discussion topics and commentary that directly relate to topics covered within publications from these teachings.


For the time being, if you would like to refer any new members to the group, please follow the procedure below:

1. Make sure that the person you are recommending for membership is aware of this in advance and has already been briefed by you on the nature / purpose of the Indigos group and has explicitly expressed a desire to join.

2. Send a brief introduction on behalf of the new member you are referring, to Alan Weissman via Facebook private message and also include the new member’s FB profile in the recipients to make it a group message. They should follow-up to your introduction with a brief intro of themselves, their background / experience with KS/The Freedom Teachings/Tan-Tri-Ahura, and why they would like to join the group. If they would prefer to keep their follow-up introduction private, they may message me separately.

3. Enter the name or email address of the person you would like to add into the group using the “Add Members” box on the top-right of the group page (underneath the “Search this group” search box). Click the person’s name to add to group.

4. Only member requests by people who have followed the steps above will be accepted.

5. All new members must read and abide by our Member Guidelines: see pinned post

This group recognizes E’Asha Ashayana Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek as Speaker-1 of The MCEO AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas.

MCEO Freedom Teachings® is a registered trademark of Adashi MCEO, L.L.C.
Tan-Tri-AhUra – The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry® & AMCC – AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas® are registered trademarks of ARhAyas Productions AMCC-MCEO, L.L.C.

This Facebook group and corresponding website are independently owned and operated under Copyright Law Fair Use Provisions for noncommercial and educational purposes. They are not affiliated with, monitored, or endorsed by Adashi MCEO, L.L.C., Azurite Press, Inc., ARhAyas Productions AMCC-MCEO, L.L.C., or their respective representatives.


KS REALITY: A Transparency Project (Closed Group)

DESCRIPTION: We would like to co-create in this space a mosaic of collective ‘life observations’, in relevance to our beautiful Keylontic Science Freedom Teachings and Tantri-Ahura, Tantri-Ajha Core EFFI teachings available to us (again) at this time.

In doing so we bring Light to personal experiences, viewpoints and perspectives. Each one of our contributions thus designing the mosaic that is our collective Ascension.

It is in this Spirit of acknowledging our One Krystar of First Eternal Creation, Our One Family- that we ALL birthed from- it is in this Spirit we come together in non-judgmental discussion.In the True Spirit of Synocracy we bring singular views together for a broader group view of Who we Are and Where we are Going- As a group of self-realized Eternal Living Beings on our way back Home.

The emphasis of our definition of Synocracy in this group being:

”The democratic element which implies that All members have agreed to apply a Shared Recognition, Trust and Reverence to a common Unified Source and that the contribution of All individual members is Equally heard, Valued and Appreciated.

All individuals are perceived as being Equal in Value and Blessedness within the entirety of the ONE God-Source, while the reality that individuals within a collective most often possess varying degrees of development, awareness, skill, commitment and responsibility is simultaneously acknowledged.” (Christiac Civilization-Synocrati Society re: KS Dictionary/Ashayana Deane)

Please share what levels of Transparency you wish in this spirit, within this Public Setting here.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRpsV2Mk_gERVk3pkvKvD0w

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/ks-reality-talks-285082227

The Latest Keylontic Discourses: http://www.arhayas.com/

We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the true nature of reality. The Guardian Alliance have advised us that due to the escalation of energy activations that have occurred during this infusion cycle (SAC- Stellar Activation Cycle) that we connect with a level of ourselves called the Plasma Body. To connect with the Plasma Body, the Guardian Alliance has advised us to run the techniques found here: www.arhayas.com/pages/techniques

The advice now given at this current time by the Guardian Alliance is to run these techniques before any other technique; this includes the older Freedom Teaching material or any other energy techniques found on the internet. The Plasma frequencies are part of the Inner Domains realities which hold an undistorted connection to Source.

Ascension Symptoms (Closed Group)

DESCRIPTION: A place to share and document the time frames of our ‘ascension symptoms’ for future reference and study.

KS Newcomers Council (Closed Group)

DESCRIPTION: With the ever apparent growing interest in KS and influx of newcomers on Facebook right now, we are forming this group for those who are interested in the ‘KS catch up’- from Kathara to EFFI Plasmas.

More than a couple KSers have mentioned they are noticing a change in how KS comes up in conversation with friends, coworkers, family. With the changes happening in our ‘schema’ fields at this time, a loosening effect for frequency used through brevity in our language is happening, enabling a clearer representation of this work now.

With the bringing in of the new VAR’s, Altruism is a new focus. There is great emphasis from the Aruba 2014 workshop (http://www.arhayas.com/collections/a/products/shiftmasters-course-1-aruba-2014-workshop-dvd-set) of stepping up to greet people in their healing to assist at this time.

Humanity is undergoing mass expedited wake-up calls. But they wake up to a critical space of making the Choice. If there is not a clear enough space to make a well informed Choice, I see that becoming more and more our role, as the ‘ol timer KSers’, to bring more clarity to assist in making more visible the Kryst option now available on Earth.

We hope to allow that flow to manifest here in this space. We will do this through our personal definitions of the External and Internal Domains in our own lives, now expressed.

This page’s settings will remain ‘Closed’ in respect to copyrights, which means: Nothing contained in this group will be on display to the Public Domain. I will be screening member requests and speaking personally to each request, in the effort to maintain integrity of our space.

Reminder on new requests to join and a question to ask yourself before requesting to join: To reiterate the group focus theme of this group, I am emphasizing for new members wishing to join that this page is reserved for people with True Intentions of studying and integrating the Internal and External work. For members here I ask that any posts made on this group wall be specifically related to the External Domain (Freedom Teachings) integration processes we experience on our journeys to the Tantri Ajha, Tantri Ahura teachings, EFFI Internal/Eternal Domains of Core Creation. Are you a willing active participant of this integration process at this time?

We are intending a bridge from the ‘Internal Domain’ to ‘External Domain’, this huge missing gap that newcomers seek to integrate. If interested in assisting in this project, please IM me or Alex TArris . Thanks!

KDDL 3 Nomi Gene Study (Closed Group)

DESCRIPTION: Study of the Nomi Gene

NOMI Earth (Closed Group)

DESCRIPTION: Group Purpose

This group is to create a high frequency environment to study & discuss the Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings as translated by AMCC-MCEO Speaker 1 E’Asha Ashayana which are available through www.Arhayas.com. All members acknowledge Speaker 1 E’Asha Ashayana as the only official speaker, genuinely have a 100% desire to follow these Plasma Level teachings and have already chosen the FAILSAFE Host Internal Creation Kryst Shift Path.

Together, we can create a focussed and supportive shield to assist all involved as we transition through our Hosted Internal Creation Path.

We request that you have seen at least one of the recent KDDL Courses before applying to join. Don’t worry if you lack a technical understanding of the teachings. A desire to follow these teachings in it’s current form is enough. You are under no obligation to post, and you are welcome to simply be an ‘observer’ and share in our group shield frequencies

This is not an official group, but we adhere to the wishes and intentions of Arhayas Productions LLC in all circumstances.

Krystic Artists (Closed Group)

”Bringing together Krystic artists in the KS community. A space to share new art and ideas.”

The A&R’s (Attitudes and Responsibilities of Mastery) can be found here:

We recognize the validity and importance of making the request of committing towards the co-creating of this space we call ‘Krystic’.

The KS Dictionary defines the word ‘Krystic’ as:

The word “Krist” and “Kristallisation” are drawn from the first set of 7 vibrational encryptions to emerge into audible outer expressions of consciousness sounds cells from phasing of the Inner Hub ADON Bud Cluster (the “Bud-Aahs” of the Inner Monadic 1st Eternal Life Creation) of the 6 Primordial Outer Tones:

Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La

Are known as the KRYST-Hala’ of the “Aah” 1st Great Void – or – the Kryst-(h)aL(a)Aah, the Tonal Core of Outer First Creation.

We hold this space in full support of Krystic Artists who would like to safely expand their experience in their art as a Krystic Community. It has been intended to be a safe space, a place where people can speak freely because they trust each other. A place where artists can nurture each other and grow. A space where artists can strengthen and build confidence in their line with Source. A Platform for a group of specific artists, whose resolve is to further the Kryst in their lives and art in order to create JOY and to RELEASE the Kryst flows to the world.

In that vein, we would also like to give recognition to the contribution of which each artist gives to the healing of the Integrity of the Indigo shield- including sharing KS Codes made personal to the group for all to feel the frequency in whatever way appropriate for each person.

If there are any questions regarding any of our guidelines, please contact Chris or Katie. Thank you for your understanding and for all of your contributions towards co-creating this group as an ever clear space for Krystic art to be expressed.

Please note: “Krystic Artists” is not endorsing anyone’s work. We are are giving a platform for individual expression.

Skype SkyPod (Public Group)

DESCRIPTION: Join us to further Strengthen and Reunite the Krystic Bonds carried through by coming together with Shared Group Intention of Personal Healing through Planetary Service! 

TO JOIN: PLEASE UPDATE SKYP E and CLICK: https://join.skype.com/IeBSuVKm62Qs

Prerequisites is ‘JOURNEY to the ARI-ARhAYas AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom’, at least one time- ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5umorb3l7mbnqt/JOURNEY%20to%20the%20ARI-ARhAYas%20AL-Uma-Un-Core%20of%20the%20Krystar%20Seed%20Atom.mp3 ) as is advised by E’Asha to do before ANY Kathara/Sliders techs now, and the Maharic Seal.

ALL TECHNIQUES ARE COPYRIGHTED BY ARHAYAS PRODUCTIONS – NO CAMS are used on Skype and we all mute mics before joining as I play direct audio stream from the mediaplayer, so I am muted also. Please check the ‘docs’ on this group for the full schedules.

To join our ‘SkyPod’ group on Skype, Feel Free to add me on Skype to join: Skype ID is: chrisvcomstock in Golden, CO. and for local times check: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ Thanks!

Evening sessions meet-up at around 8:00pm Mountain Time Zone and begin around 8:30pm. Please check with the group chat window before sessions to let us know if you will join and have MICS MUTED before entering (evening) sessions, Thank You! Lavas

KEYLONTIC SCIENCE DIALECTIC; A Truth and Full Disclosure Project

DESCRIPTION: This Group is for anyone interested in discussing Keylontic Science, The Freedom Teachings, Tan Tri Ahura, Tan Tri Ajha, and Krystic Plasma Ascension.

This material is VAST and some of the older material can be difficult to find.

Where to start learning:






(1) No profanity or name-calling.

(2) No advertising or solicitation.

(3) No claiming of being an expert on a subject, unless you have a Doctoral degree from an accredited institution on the subject in question.

(4) No politics, defined as, “Conflict between individuals or factions for power or influence OVER others.”

(5) Admins will only delete posts that violate the rules. All admin decisions are final. An explanation for any specific admin decision will be provided to all if requested.

(6) No repeating yourself or over-posting to the point that it’s impossible for others to have a discussion.

(7) Members may not delete their own comments, threads or posts after others have replied to them. Members may edit their own comments to their heart’s content. If you are worried someone may delete a thread with your comments in it, take a screen shot. A screen shot will constitute proof and the member who deleted the thread will subsequently be removed from the group without warning.

(8) Your Relationship With Source Comes First.

Beyond rules, the attitudes and responsibilities of mastery will serve as advanced conduct guidelines. http://www.amentiproject.net/AmentiProject/A&Rs.pdf
WITH ONE EXCEPTION: #7 APPRECIATION WILL BE CHANGED TO “GENEROSITY”. In order to increase the subjective value of something, or be grateful for anything, GENEROSITY IS A PREREQUISITE. The same is NOT true in reverse. Appreciation is not needed to be Generous.

Is it possible for us incarnate humans to know things that the ascended do not know? YES!

Your Admins are Jared Mulhair, C.J. Whitson & Frances Ka.

Krystic Konversations: Uniting The Cloisters (Closed Group)

DESCRIPTION: We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the true nature of reality. For more information please go to: www.arhayas.com Please note that we are in no way associated with www.arhayas.com

A note regarding energy techniques:

The Guardian Alliance have advised us (everyone) that due to the escalation of energy activations that have occurred during this infusion cycle (SAC- Stellar Activation Cycle) that we connect with a level of ourselves called the Plasma Body. To connect with the Plasma Body, the Guardian Alliance has advised us to run the techniques found here: www.arhayas.com/pages/techniques The advice is to run these techniques before ANY OTHER technique. This includes the older Freedom Teaching material or any other energy techniques found on the internet. The Plasma frequencies are part of the Inner Domains realities which hold an undistorted connection to Source.

Awake n Aware Spiritual Soulution Focus Movement (Secret Group)

“Honouring all humans & all lifeforms by our focused driven consciousness-raising universal reach-out”



KS Keylontic Science Australia – Great Southern Land (Closed Group)


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